Workshop classes are for all students in WA, or those visiting WA interstate or internationally.

These classes are by top international & interstate choreographers within the dance industry, held in Perth for our talented WA dancers.

Offering inspiration and knowledge for a variety of dance genres for  Junior to Professional Level.

We generally recommend for ages 7+

These workshops aim to build confidence, inspire, and share knowledge in our forever expanding industry.

Our workshops currently run in conjunction with the West Coast Dance Festival,

providing opportunities for WA dancers to win scholarships to the eastern states for further training at summer and winter camps.

Come & Share in the LOVE of dance.




Available to all workshops for groups of 5-9 or 10+ dancers, Contact Us

** NO membership or joining fee, no dancer can be excluded from any events**

classes are for ALL WA dancers


Change of ticket holder name is available however refunds will not be given

Studios are able to book private workshops, However,

It is at the studio's discretion to allow other dancers to attend, the cost of entry, and if they will refund entry 

Previous Workshops include:

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hayden Hopkins USA Oct 2013 - Turns, Leaps & Lyrical

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jesse Rasmussen Aug 2013 -Tap & Hip Hop

  Alex Miedzinski April 2018 - Contemporary                                                                                                                            Morgan Choice June 2013 - Contemporary & Jazz

 Lauren Elton, Blake John Wood & Gaynor Hicks March 2018 -Jazz/JFH                                                                Katie McMahon April 2013 - Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop

 Morgan Choice Oct 2017 - Commercial Jazz [partnered with the West Coast Dance Festival]                                   Erica Sobol USA & Sarah Boulter March 2013 - Contemporary

  Jal Joshua April 2017 - Commercial Jazz & Contemporary [partnered with the West Coast Dance Festival]                     Jorden Lahood Feb 2013 - Contemporary & Commercial Jazz

Jason Winters April 2017 - Contemporary [partnered with the West Coast Dance Festival]                                                                                                                          Megan & Dmitri Jan 2013 - Acrobatics
 Briden Starr Oct 2016 - Commercial Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical [partnered with the West Coast Dance Festival]                    Jake Green Dec 2012 –  Contemporary & Hip Hop
Eden Petrovski April 2016 - Commercial Jazz & Contemporary [partnered with the West Coast Dance Festival]                          Brenden Turanich USA July 2012 – Hip Hop & Tap

Amy Campbell & Cory To’o Oct 2012 -  Contemporary & Commercial Jazz                                          JTOWN Sept 2012 - Stephen Tannos, Sally Hare, Joel & Jesse Rasmussen

DIRTY DANCING Amy Campbell & Mitchell Woodcock Aug 2015 - Jazz & Contemporary                                                            RGDANCE July 2012 – Mind & Body 1, 2 & 3

Lauren Seymour Feb 2015 - Jazz & Contemporary                                                                                                                    RGDANCE May 2012 – Mind & Body 1 & 2

Cory To'o Jan 2015 - Jazz & Contemporary                                                                                                                                       RGDANCE April 2012 – Mind & Body 1

Sam Malseed & Matt Antonucci Jan 2015 - Jazz & Contemporary                                                                                    Sarah Boulter Jan 2012 – Contemporary
Jessie Rasmussen Sept 2014 - Hip Hop & Tap                                                                                                                           Anthony Ikin Oct 2011 – Acrobatics
Mega Jam June 2014 - Hip Hop                                                                                                                             Stephen Tannos Oct 2011 – JFH & Contemporary
Megan & Demitri Feb 2014 - Acrobatics                                                                                                                                     Amy Campbell June 2011 –  Commercial & Lyrical

 OPEN CASUAL CLASSES 2014 - Hayley Burdon                                                                                                                       Ame Delves May 2011 – Commercial & Lyrical

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sarah Alice Burns 2011 - Jazz & Heels



Lauren Elton,  Matt Gode, Alex Miedzinski

Contemporary, JFH, Commercial Jazz


Jacqui Howard, Mega Jam, Yvette Lee, Sally Hare, Lauren Seymour & Chris Tsattalios

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz Tech, JFH, Commercial, Stretch, Ballet

Squared Division, Morgan Choice, Cory To’o, Katie Mcmahon & Jet

Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Tricks, Heels, Stretch, Ballet