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Workshop classes are for all students in WA, or those visiting WA interstate or internationally.

These classes see top international & interstate choreographers visiting Perth to work with out talented dancers! 

We offer classes for Junior – Professional level generally for ages 7+

These workshops aim to create a higher knowledge of what is current in dance outside of Perth.

Bridging the gap for dancers wanting to travel & make dance a career, as well as a fun environment to learn for those that just want to enjoy the love of dance!


****ALL students will receive 25 % off your next workshop after you have attending 5 event

**** Group Bookings apply to all workshops, groups of 5-9 & 10+ dancers

*** We do NOT take a membership or joining fee, or exclude any dancer from events, workshops are for ALL WA dancers & any one that travels through WA

**** Please note: in the event that you do not attend a workshop you have registered for, tickets are non-refundable, unless extreme circumstances apply.



Upcoming workshops include:

Erica Sobol & Renee Ritchie - May 12th

Anthony Ikin (acrobatics)Coming Soon August


Previous Workshops include:

Previous Workshops include:

Katie McMahon April 2013 - Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop

Erica Sobol (USA) & Sarah Boulter March 2013 - Contemporary

Jorden Lahood Feb 2013 - Contemporary & Commercial Jazz

Megan & Dmitri Jan 2013 - Acrobatics

Squared Division, Jake Green, Morgan Choice, Cory To’o & Jet Jan 2013 Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Tricks, Heels & more.

Jake Green Dec 2012 –  Contemporary & Hip Hop

Amy Campbell & Cory To’o Oct 2012 -  Contemporary & Commercial Jazz

JTOWN Sept 2012 -

Stephen Tannos, Sally Hare, Joel & Jesse Rasmussen - Contemp, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap

Brenden Turanich USA July 2012 – Hip Hop & Tap

RGDANCE July 2012 – Mind & Body 1, 2 & 3

RGDANCE May 2012 – Mind & Body 1 & 2

RGDANCE April 2012 – Mind & Body 1

Sarah Boulter Jan 2012 – Contemporary

Anthony Ikin Oct 2011 – Acrobatics

Stephen Tannos Oct 2011 – JFH Contemporary

Amy Campbell June 2011 –  Commercial & Lyrical

Ame Delves May 2011 – Commercial & Lyrical