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April 28, 2014

We are so exciting to be producing an amazing act featuring 34 of Perth’s most talented dancers for the JDRF Ball at the Perth Convention Centre this May. Featuring Acro, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contortion, Broadway & waving, popping & locking, we cna not to perform this New york inspired production.

Dancers Include:

Jessie Teichelman & Jessica Huntley (peppermint)

Taylah Hanna

Logan Ringshaw (All stars)

Olivia & Ashleigh Cole, Emily Briggs, Tamzyn Richards, Kayla Hill, Ebony & Sienna Mackay, Shania & Tiarna lindau, Chloe Elphick & Courtney Dales (impact)

Jemma Crump (image)

Shelby Duckworth (Gail Meade)

Chanel Cahill, Kirby Dee & Emma Dawson (Shona McDiarmid)

Sophie Moore, Rhiannon Hodge, Tiffany Page, Chloe Schapper & Lauren Rutherford (Katharine Mantle)

Maycie Spry (dance force)

Rachel Moore

Tina Belladonna

Teneesha Crockford & Jenna Knights (talent co)

Amy Fletcher (Elite)

Holly Burns (Da beat)

Simone Beatty (Centre stage)

Liam Heald (Debra McCulloch)

Thank you to the studio & teachers, not only for training such fabulous Perth Talent but also for enabling these students to perform at this event and take on such an opportunity, students not only represent our company & works, but also they are representing each and every individual studio with professionalism, discipline & performance and technique skills way beyond their years.